Become An Intern 

Interested in the tech world? Here is your chance. Become an intern with us.

What We Offer

Comfortable work station

Quality space for work, plus a conducive environment for uninterrupted operations.

Quality Relationship

Access to the head of departments at any given time with suitable work relationship that inspires to grow in continuity.

Highly Rated Engineering

Experience coding and web developments like never before. An exploit of software depths beyond the norm.


We desire visionaries whose pursuits are selfless, and also appreciate being a correspondence of knowledge to others as we do them.


Intern must be a resident of Lagos mainland, possess nothing below a National diploma(ND) certificate with the Ability to learn and work with teams. he/she must his/her Interests in any of the digital skills we are recruiting for. A personal laptop for the efficiency of the desired purpose; have an understanding of the basic operations of a computer; and a good spoken English (in any case of external presentation or clientele relationship).


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